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Active vs Passive FTP

Active FTP vs. Passive FTP , a Definitive Explanation ... A quick summary of the
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Free FTP Programs / Secure FTP (SFTP) Clients

Cyberduck is an open source FTP and SFTP browser for Mac OS X. It supports drag and drop, resuming of uploads and downloads, synchronisation of files on a local computer with a server, uploading and downloading of folders, etc. It is licensed under the GNU GPL.

Core FTP Lite

Core FTP Lite is a Windows FTP client that supports uploading/downloading/deletion of directories (folders) and files, browser integration, SFTP (or secure FTP), SSL/TLS, handling of file permissions, transfer bandwidth control, etc.

FileZilla Open Source FTP / SFTP Client

FileZilla is a free, open source FTP client for Windows distributed under the GNU General Public License. You can do the usual stuff, upload and download files, as well as resume uploads or downloads, works with firewalls, supports SFTP (Secure FTP) and SSL secured connections, handle queues of files to be uploaded/downloaded, etc.


WinGet is a download accelerator that speeds up downloads by splitting a file into different parts and downloading each part simultaneously. It can resume downloads and is integrated into your browser (IE, Mozilla and Opera). It supports proxy servers, authentication and cookies.

Fugu - Mac OS X SFTP / SCP / SSH FrontEnd

Fugu is a free open source frontend for SFTP (Secure FTP), SCP and SSH. It is released under a BSD license, and supports Mac OS X.

Net Transport

Net Transport is a download manager for Windows that support multiple download streams using HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, MMS (Microsoft Media Services), RTSP (Real-Time Streaming Protocol) and PNM. You can perform batch downloading, categorise your download files, work through multiple proxies, schedule your downloads, limit the speed of downloads, etc. There are language files for numerous languages.

Downloader for X

This is a Linux / Unix file downloader manager that is capable of using the FTP and HTTP protocols to download files (even if you are behind a proxy server) from the Internet. It can download using multiple connections simultaneously, giving you the possibility of a faster download. It allows persistent connections, has a built-in scheduler, pausing and resuming of downloads, etc. In spite of its name, it is able to work even without X - just use the command line. It is an open source software.

ProZilla Linux Download Accelerator

Prozilla is a download accelerator for Linux that supports downloading of files via the FTP and HTTP protocols, allows multiple connections for the same file simultaneously (hence the supposed acceleration), resuming of broken downloads, FTP search, etc. This is an open source software.

Putty: Win32 SSH / Secure FTP (SFTP) Client

Putty is a free open source set of programs. It includes a Secure Shell client (SSH), an SCP client (secure copy), a command line Secure FTP client (SFTP), a Telnet client, etc.


NcFTP is a free command line FTP client for Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, and a large number of Unix and Unix-type systems. It comes with source code.

EFTP Encrypted File Transfer Protocol

EFTP is a free portable Windows FTP client that does not leave traces of itself in the registry. It saves its settings in an INI file, and may be carried around in a floppy disk or one of those encrypted file systems . It is also able to do encrypted FTP if you're connecting to an EFTP server (ie, it does not use the standard Secure FTP protocol).

FTP Commander

Like other FTP clients, FTP Commander can upload or download files, create and delete directories, rename files, activate multiple downloads, and keep a session log. It is a Windows program.

FTP Surfer

FTP Surfer is a Windows FTP client that uses an Internet Explorer user interface. It supports both FTP and HTTP downloads, FTP uploads, handles multiple server connections (ie, you can download many files simultaneously), handles reconnection for poor connections, supports remote file editing, supports ftp chmod, etc.


i.FTP is a Windows FTP client that comes with source code. There is also an earlier version for BeOS.

Star Downloader

Star Downloader handles both FTP and HTTP downloads, can resume broken downloads, contains an integrated unzipping facility, supports proxies, has the ability to split a file into several parts and download them all simultaneously (theoretically saving you time to download), integrates with browsers (to be the browser's default download manager), handles different languages, includes a scheduler, integration with your antivirus software, includes a text viewer, etc. Note that, as its name suggests, Star Downloader is a download manager not a full fledged FTP client, so if you're looking for a tool to upload your site, this is probably not the correct tool.


WS_FTP LE is a Windows FTP program with the usual uploading and downloading features. It is free for non-commercial home users, students and staff of educational institutions and governmental employees. The program has not been updated since March 14, 2000.

AceFTP 2 Freeware

This is a freeware version of the commercial FTP client. It has the usual FTP features that allow you to upload and download files and manage your website.


This FTP program is free only for personal and educational use. It appears to be highly configurable and useful for both downloading of files as well as maintaining your website.

Haysoft FTP Explorer

This free FTP program appears to be an ad-ware product. It supports the usual features of an FTP client.


LeechFTP is a free FTP program with the usual features. It is no longer under development.