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In the Internet (IN) class the following Resource Record (RR) TYPEs and QTYPEs are defined:

TYPE value and meaning

A a host address [RFC1035]
NS an authoritative name server [RFC1035]
MD a mail destination (Obsolete - use MX) [RFC1035]
MF a mail forwarder (Obsolete - use MX) [RFC1035]
CNAME the canonical name for an alias [RFC1035]
SOA marks the start of a zone of authority [RFC1035]
MB a mailbox domain name (EXPERIMENTAL) [RFC1035]
MG a mail group member (EXPERIMENTAL) [RFC1035]
MR a mail rename domain name (EXPERIMENTAL)[RFC1035]
WKS a well known service description [RFC1035]
PTR a domain name pointer [RFC1035]
HINFO host information [RFC1035]
MINFO mailbox or mail list information [RFC1035]
MX mail exchange [RFC1035]
TXT text strings [RFC1035]
RP for Responsible Person [RFC1183]
AFSDB for AFS Data Base location [RFC1183]
X25 for X.25 PSDN address [RFC1183]
ISDN for ISDN address [RFC1183]
RT for Route Through [RFC1183]
NSAP for NSAP address, NSAP style A record [RFC1706]
SIG for security signature [RFC2065]
KEY for security key [RFC2065]
PX X.400 mail mapping information [RFC2163]
GPOS Geographical Position [RFC1712]
AAAA IP6 Address [Thomson]
LOC Location Information [Vixie]
NXT Next Domain [RFC2065]
EID Endpoint Identifier [Patton]
NIMLOC Nimrod Locator [Patton]
SRV Server Selection [RFC2052]
ATMA ATM Address [Dobrowski]
NAPTR Naming Authority Pointer [RFC2168]
KX Key Exchanger [RFC2230]
CERT CERT [Eastlake]
TKEY TKEY [Eastlake]
TSIG Transaction Signature [Vixie]
IXFR incremental transfer [RFC1995]
AXFR transfer of an entire zone [RFC1035]
MAILB mailbox-related RRs (MB, MG or MR) [RFC1035]
MAILA mail agent RRs (Obsolete - see MX) [RFC1035]
* A request for all records [RFC1035]