Professional Services for LogAnalyzer

Professional services are being offered by Adiscon, the company that sponsors LogAnalyzer development. For details, please contact Adiscon Sales.

EMail Support Service

Price: 99.00 EURO
Duration: 180 days
Support level: 8x5

Purchase LogAnalyzer support directly from the source. This contract provides priority email support. It is a great option if you need to provide proof of software support in your organization. This contract provides

Under this contract, fixes for old LogAnalyzer releases will be provided / created, assuming it is possible to do that with the code base in question. Phone support is not included.

Custom Development

Do you need an exotic feature that otherwise would not be implemented? Do you need something really quick, quicker than it is available via the regular development schedule? Then, you may consider funding development for a specific functionality. We are always looking for interesting projects. If you hire us to to do the job, you can be sure to get the best possible and probably quickest solution, because we are obviously at the heart of the source code. No need to get aquainted to anything, no risk of misunderstanding core concepts. Benefit from our vast logging and auditing experience.

Please note that custom development is not limited to LogAnalyzer. We offer a number of logging solutions and can also work as part of your time for specific requirements. The opportunities are endless, just ask. We will work with you on your requirements and provide a quote on the estimated cost. Just write to for details.

Consulting Services

Do you have demanding logging requirements? Why not talk to a real logging professional? Instead of trying to find the solution like a needle in the haystack, talk to the team that brought rsyslog, LogAnalyzer, the Windows MonitorWare products and other logging solutions. We sweat logging for over 15 years now and can help quickly. Depending on your needs, consulting can be carried out via email, the phone or on your premises (for larger or local projects). Everything is possible, it just depends on your needs. Consulting services are available in English and German. Just mail what you are interested in and we will work with you on a proposal that fits your needs.

All agreements are governed under German law.

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