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Chroniques de Cyberie Cahier Multimedia de Libe Mensuel Cybersphere


Systèmes d'exploitation

ANS, Advanced Network & Services

Apple Computer Home Page

Boston Computer Society

Cisco Home Page

Cornell's CU-SeeMe

Dell Home Page

Digital Equipment Corp. Home Page

DTP Internet Jumplist

ExpressNet, PC Express

FractalNet Home Page

Hewlett Packard Home Page

IBM Home Page

Image Finder

Listserv Home Page

Kestrel Institute

Micro Media WWW Server

Microsoft Home Page


Online Computer Manuals

PC Demos Explained

Principia Cybernetica

Silicon Graphics Home Page

Sun Microsystems Home Page

Virtual Computer Library

Web Robots

Xerox PARC Pub Web


Zen and the Art of the Internet
Big Dummy's Guide to the Internet
Answers to Commonly Asked Questions
Information Resources About The Internet

Vocabulary and Internet Jargon

Dictionary of Hypertext Terms

NICs, FYIs and RFQs

InterNIC Information
RFCs and FYIs, (Requests for Comment)

World Wide Web (WWW) Tutorials

Entering the World Wide Web: A Guide to Cyberspace
A World Wide Web Primer, by Nathan Torkinton
The World Wide Web Initiative: The Project
WWW - Background Information
The World Wide Web FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


Computers and society: Encryption Links. Links to many interesting articles/sites/news. (www).
Crypto archives "Computer Professionals for Social responsability is a non-profit, public interest organization concerned with the effects of computers on society. CPSR is supported by its membership and has chapters throughout the country. The internet site cpsr.org has many discussion lists on topics of interest, as well as numerous publications" (gopher).
PGP Startup Guide (for DOS/WIN users) (www).
CMSC-443: Cryptography and Data Security (fall 1994)
Phoenix System Synectics Inc. Network Security and Related Issues. (www).
Quadralay Cryptography Archive . Contains several links to useful encryption related material. (www).
RSA's Home Site (www). (RSA's FAQ, News, ...).
Cryptography, PGP, and Your Privacy (www).
Security and Encryption at Yahoo (www).
CyberPunks Homepage to Encryption (ftp)
Cisco Systems Inc - A Network Security Homepage (www).
Computer Security at SAIC (www).
Lawries Cryptography Bibliography (www).
Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) information (www).
Cryptography Export Control Archives (www).
Introduction to PGP (www).
Another introduction to PGP (www).
Internal Data Structures Used by PGP 2.3 (www).
PGP hypertext docs (www).
PGP Public Key Server (www).
More informations about PGP (www).
Vince Cate's Cryptorebel/Cypherpunk Page (www).
Cryptography and Computer Security (www).
Pretty Good Privacy: Legal Issues... (www).
Your Right to Electronic Privacy! (clipper info from Wired) (www).
The CPSR Cryptography Archive (www).
An interesting article on Clipper.. (www).
Information about RIPEM encryption (www).
Public Key Cryptography
Some more Cryptography sources on the Internet (www).
Regulation of the Clipper Chip (www).
Computers, Ethics, and Society (www).
Privacy Mailing List (www).
FTP site for Cryptography material (www).
FAQ for SCI.CRYPT newsgroup (www).
Ron Rivest's Editorial on Newsday (www).
Lance Cottrell's page: home of the remailer chaining script. (www).
Sherry Mayo's page on PGP and Classical Cryptography (www).
Betsi's Homepage for Secure Software Integrity System (www).
Applied Cryptography Materrial (www).
Electronic Privacy Home page (www).
Full RIPEM manual (check it out!) (www).
_Efficient DES Key Search_ (how to crack DES!) . "At Crypto 93, Michael Wiener gave a paper with the above title. He showed how a DES key search engine could be built for $1 million which can do exhaustive search in 7 hours. Expected time to find a key from a matching pair of 64-bit plaintext and 64-bit ciphertext is 3.5 hours. So far as I can tell, the machine is scalable, which implies that a $100M machine could find keys every couple of minutes or so." (usenet msg) (www).


AUSCERT "AUSCERT provides a single trusted point of contact in Australia for the AARNet community to deal with computer security incidents and their prevention. The aim is to reduce the probability of successful attack, reduce the direct costs of security to organisations and lower the risk of consequential damage" (www).
AUSCERT Advisories
. Various system vulnerabilities listings (www).
"In response to computer security threats, the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) has established a Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) to support users of the Internet. The Internet CERT coordination center is located at Carnegie Mellon University's Software Engineering Institute and has been active since November 18, 1988. CERT is chartered to work with the Internet community in detecting and resolving computer security incidents as well as taking steps to prevent future incidents. " (www).
CERT/ german-research net
"The Computer Emergency Response Team for the German Research Network" (www).
CIAC - Department of Energy, USA
"NASA Automated Systems Incident Response Capabality. A member of The Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams" (www).
Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams (www). "This coalition, the Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams (FIRST), brings together a variety of computer security incident response teams from government, commercial, and academic organizations. FIRST aims to foster cooperation and coordination in incident prevention, to prompt rapid reaction to incidents, and to promote information sharing among members and the community at large. Currently FIRST has more than 30 members" (www).
- Purdue Computer Emergency Response Team. "PCERT is a team of faculty and staff at Purdue University who work together to improve computer security, advise on policies regarding computer use and misuse, and who coordinate responses to computer security incidents on campus. The PCERT is a member of the FIRST, the Forum of Incident Response Teams. The PCERT was the first university response team admitted to membership in the FIRST" (www).
Computer Security Resource Clearinghouse (www).
Teams Contact
Information and Information Servers (www).


The Privacy Link from Computers and Society. News, Articles, Links, don't miss this one. (www).
Computer Security (www).
Trusted Information Systems inc " As a world leader in computer and communications security, TIS is actively involved in many research and product areas." This link contains interesting infos, check it out. (www).
Yahoo's Security and Encryption Link . Lists a lot of useful links! (www).
Computer and Network Security Reference Index from Tansu This Reference Index contains a list of links to information sources on Network and Computer Security. (www).
COAST "Computer Operations, Audit, and Security Technology is a multiple project, multiple investigator effort in computer security research in the Computer Science Department at Purdue University. It is intended to function with close ties to researchers and engineers in major companies and government agencies. We focus our research on real-world needs and limitations" (www). Their ftp site contains useful bits.
Network/Computer Security Technology "This is the Network/Computer Security Technology resource interface. It is intended to provide a common access point to Security related resources locally and remotely at sites across the Internet" (www).
SotMESC Information "Founded in 1989, this organization is dedicated to preserving the integrity and cohesion of the computing society. By promoting computer education, liberties and efficiency, we believe we can secure freedoms for all computer users while retaining privacy" (www).
Security and Freedom Links from the L0pht site. (www).
Security and the Internet (www).
Computer Security Group (www).
E-CASH AND HOW TO DEAL WITH IT . "If you're looking for a pot of gold on the Internet but haven't found it yet, this Dublin-based site just might help. Michael Peirce at Trinity College has organized a home page of articles, reports, press releases, links, and more related to network payment mechanisms and digital cash. Bankers, retailers, and even average citizens might be interested to learn more about the present and future of electronic money handling." (usenet) (www).

More Advanced WWW Information

A Beginner's Guide to URLs
HTTP: A protocol for networked information
HTML: A Programmer's Quick Reference
World Wide Web Robots, Wanderers and Spiders

The Galaxy's Web Information Page

Aliweb, Archie-Like Indexing

ArchiePlex Info

GNA Meta Library

Harvest Information Discovery and Access System

The Jump Station

Lycos WWW Search Tool

Meta Index/Search Tools

NIKOS Gateway

RBSE's URL Database

CUI Search Engines


W3 Search Engines

WAIS Search Form

Web Crawler

The World Wide Web Worm

WWPing Form Page

Best Navigational Aid

Best of the Web '94 Award recipients

Big Dummy's Guide to the Internet

Economic FAQs About the Internet

EINet's Guide to Cyberspace

Electronic Frontier Foundation

EverClears Useful BBS-List

Four 11 Directory Services


Games Domain

Global Network Academy

Global Network Navigator, Internet Help Desk

Internet Resources List, EIT

Internet Society Home Page

Internet Web Text

InterNIC Home Page

InterNIC Info Guide

Kevin Savetz's Page 'O Stuff

LISTSERV Top 40 Lists

Majordomo FAQs

Mother of all BBSs

MUD Resource Collection

NYT article on Mosaic and the Internet

A Ton of Web Sites


W3 Servers, Geographical List


Zen and the Art of the Internet

Clearinghouse for I-net Subject Indexes

Commercial Sites Directory

Computing Review Classification System

EINet Galaxy

EIT Web Resource

Global Network Navigator

Global On-line News & Directory

Global Reference List

Happy Mutant's Guide

Interesting WWW Links

Inter-Links Internet Access

Internet at Large Subject-Oriented Listings

Internet Resources Meta Index

INTERNIC Directory of Directories

LISTSERVS by Category

Planet Earth Home Page

What's Hot and Cool

What's New in Commercial Sites

Web Com Power Index

Web of Wonder

Whole Internet Catalog

WWW Virtual Library


Association for Computing Machinery

CERN Web Server

Electronic Frontier Foundation

The English Server


Federal Information Exchange

Foundation Center

IEEE Home Page

Internet Society

Internet Town Hall


Michigan State University

Nonprofit Organizations on the Net

Ohio State University

Organic Online

Research Triangle Institute

University of California Berkeley, Computer Science Division

World Bank

World Health Organization Home Page

Yale University WWW Front Door

Books That Work

Books That Work is a publisher of interactive books on CD-ROM specializing in gardening and home improvement. If you're interested in landscaping, building a new deck for your home, or even purchasing one, be sure to check out the Books That Work Web Server. Demonstration versions of their CD-ROM's and ordering information is available online. Opening graphics: 10kb.

The Jargon File

This is the hypertext version of the Jargon File, a collection of slang terms used by various subcultures of computer hackers. The material here contains the language hackers use among themselves for fun, social communication, and technical debate. The database is massive, and contains an "A-Z" lexicon format that allows you to access data alphabetically. Very few graphics, but a "MUST" page for enthusiasts of "techspeak." Opening graphics: 0kb.


Run by the Los Angeles Information Group, The CD-ROM Network is a Web resource for CD-ROM enthusiasts. From here you can select from a wide variety of links to CD-ROM publishers and vendors. If you're looking for a commercial CD-ROM product this is a good place to start. Opening graphics: 17kb.


Mathsoft is well known in the scientific community for its MathCad program. Now they have released Mathbrowser, a World Wide Web client that allows you to run MathCad's .MCD files. If you are a MathCad user or just curious be sure to check it out. Opening graphics: 70kb.


Where all great things begin! Netscape is to the WWW what an AC outlet is to your computer. Here at Netscape's server you can get the latest releases of the finest browser in cyberspace. You can also start vast journeys to cool links, find news and reference information, and use various search engines to find just about anything you are looking for. Very friendly, sharply organized and always pleasant to browse. Also an excellent place if you want to know more about the WWW and are just starting out. Follow this link now!

NIST Computer Security Resource Clearinghouse

You can learn about computer viruses, worms, data diddlers, and other threats to your computer systems at the NIST Computer Security Clearinghouse. This Web site features extensive searchable databases plus links to other computer security resources. Opening graphics: 4kb.

PC Magazine

This is PC Magazine's electronic version of their popular periodical. Many of the articles you will find in the hardcopy version can be found here, including some stories that you won't find on the shelves. Also available are a large number of files that can be downloaded, including latest versions of Ziff-Davis publishing's benchmark tests, software to test your pentium, and previews of other software titles. Opening graphics: 8kb.

Sequoia 2000 Home Page

The Sequoia 2000 research project joins earth and computer scientists together to produce advances in earth science and computer technology. From the Sequoia 2000 Home Page you can visit the Web servers of Sequoia 2000 participants, view scientific images of the earth, or read reports on the field of earth sciences. Opening graphics: 13kb.

Telecommunications Library

Run by telecommunications company WilTel, The Telecommuncations Library provides the public with a resource for telecom information. At this World Wide Web server you can find hypertext versions of telecom-related USENET newsgroups, WilTel-created newsletters, and a glossary of telecom-related terms among other things. If you have a technical question about telecommuncations chances are the answer is here. Opening graphics: 5kb.

Used Software Exchange

Most surfers are skeptical about buying merchandise over the internet, understandably so, but now there is a free service that looks very promising. Through the Used Software Exchange you can browse a large database of used software, posted by users like you, which you can purchase directly from the poster. You can also market your own software in any number of categories and formats. Opening graphics: 2kb.

Websurfer's Handbook

The Websurfer's Handbook is a guidepost on the World Wide Web for budding Web server administrators. Once you've mastered the art of hypertext markup language, come here to learn how to make your World Wide Web server stand out from the crowd. Opening graphics: 0kb.


Walt Disney Productions' Buena Vista MoviePlex
The Lion King
Universal Pictures
Paramount Pictures' Star Trek Home Page
Madonna - Bedtime Stories
SunSite's WebMuseum: The WebMuseum Auditorium
GNN Film Database
MPEG Movie Archive From Netherlands
The Internet Movie Database at Cardiff UK

Claman's Movie Information

MCA/Universal Cyberwalk


BBC TV Schedules

Film and Television

The Interactive TV Index

Nielsen TV Ratings

TV Net Lobby

The Ultimate TV List


Classical Radio

Internet Talk Radio

National Public Radio (U.S.)


Musique Ambient : Hypereal.com

Adam Curry's Metaverse

Classical Radio

The Death of Rock 'n' Roll

Internet Underground Music Archive

Go! Discs

The Grateful Dead

Mammoth Records


The Music Database

Music Kiosk

Music Kitchen

Music Resources on the Web

The Rolling Stones Voodoo Lounge

Frank Sinatra

Sony Online

The Ultimate Band List

Vibe Magazine

Virtual Music Library

Virtual Radio

Web Wide World of Music

BD, Comics & Humour

Comic Book and Comic-Strip Page

Dilbert Comic Strip

Double Click

Dr. Fun

Internet Published Comics

NetBoy Comic

Tank Girl

Where the Buffalo Roam


Chiba Graffiti Wall

David Letterman

Dilbert Newsletter

Humor Archives

Humorous Quotations

Lawyer Jokes


Mother of all Humor Archives

Your Mom

Zstuff on the Web


Broadway (NY) Current Shows

Broadway World Wide Theatre

Classical Music Reviews

Dance Directory


Dramatic Exchange

Gilbert & Sullivan Archive


Kronos String Quartet

NTSC Animation Guidelines

Introducation The Dead Sea
The Electric Gallery

Art on the Net

Carlos Museum

The Dead Sea Scrolls


EXPO Ticket Office (Museum Tours)

FineArts Forum

French Cave Paintings


Krannert Art Museum

M. C. Escher Patterns



Museé National des Techniques

Museum for Global Access

OTIS Home Page

A Roman Palace in ex-Yugoslavia

Vatican Exhibit

Le WebLouvre

Age of Enlightenment

At the Age of Enlightenment over 100 scanned images of French 18th Century art is available for perusal in this World Wide Web server-cum-museum. If you are interested in the Belle Epoch, this World Wide Web site is a must-see; if you're not, it's still worth visiting to view these masterpieces. Opening graphics: 20kb.


The ANIMA page focuses on the use of networking and the Internet as a tool for the creative arts. ANIMA is a multimedia arts information service that tries to unify the arts on the net. There are visual arts, performance arts, literature, video, mass media, and design among other forms available here. There are also several good technical resources on the use of computing technology for the arts. Opening graphics: 20+kb.

ANU Art History

This server offers access to over 10,200 images, a full-length book and a mechanism for searching text via a forms interface. The "database" interface, is for a collection that consists of some 2,800 images of prints, largely from the 15th century to the end of the 19th century. Also images of mainly classical architecture & architectural sculpture, medieval and Renaissance architecture. This site is huge! A must for art lovers. Opening graphics 200+kb

Art Crimes: The Writing on the Wall

The Art Crimes page is a fascinating look into urban art in the form of graffiti. The server has images from all over the world including Germany, Canada, Amsterdam and lots more from all over the United States. Many of the works are gone from the walls, but are still captured here. All the images are excellent scans and can be downloaded directly or viewed on-line. Opening graphics: 200k

(Art)^n Laboratory

(Art)^n Laboratory, founded in 1983, is a leading innovator of digital 3D hard copy called PHSColograms. PHSColograms are the high resolution, museum quality photography of Virtual Reality and 3D computer graphics. These PHSColograms can be viewed on-line in an impressive and attractive gallery. There is also a lot of research and information about this innovative art, including a technical paper, and two articles. Opening graphic: 38kb.

Body Modification Ezine

A huge page server specializing in "body modifications." Anything from tattoos to body piercing, branding and cutting, this page has some material that is not for the faint of heart. Many pictures, informative text and a nice layout. Opening graphics: 40+kb.

Dan's Gallery of the Grotesque

Dan Blumenfeld is a frequent contributor to the alt.binaries.pictures.tasteless on USENET and after visiting Dan's Gallery of the Grotesque it's easy to understand why. This World Wide Web page is chock full of images of birth defects, dead bodies, and related images. Not for the faint of heart. Opening graphics: 35+ kb.

Doug and Lisa's Disney Page

This unofficial World Wide Web page contains a wealth of information about Disney. On it you can find out all sorts of information not just about Disney's cartoons and movies, but also about Walt Disney, the Disney theme parks he started, and just about anything else Disney-related. If you're planning a vacation or just curious about the man-behind-the-mouse, here's the place to go. Opening graphics: 3kb.

EXPO Exhibit Organization

Multiple exhibits are featured here, catering to the art history, or history scholar. You can look at an exhibit of the Dead Sea Scrolls in Washington D.C., the Soviet Archive Exhibit, the "1492:An Ongoing Voyage" exhibit. The exhibits change periodically and are all historically solid and well composed. Many of the exhibits read like a book are very easy to follow with lots of secondary sources. Opening graphic: 10kb.

Fashion +

The Fashion Page is the World Wide Web's first e-zine dedicated solely to fashion. On the Fashion Page you'll find out the latest in clothing styles for men and women plus shopping tips, advice on cleaning, and a wealth of other clothes-related items. Opening graphics: 6k

Field Museum of Natural History

The Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago has two public exhibits on-line. The first is "DNA to Dinosaurs," a multimedia exhibit showcasing the evolution and disappearance of dinosaurs. The second is the "Javanese Mask Collection" which showcases over a dozen masks brought to the United States for the 1893 World's Colombian Exhibition. Opening graphics: 65kb.

Fine Arts Forum

An outstanding electronic news service that covers art and technology. Virtually all the news that's fit to print about post modern photography, trans-avant-garde art forms, CD-ROMs, digitized video, animations, performances, interviews and arcane areas of technology. Also includes an excellent art resources directory of associations, conferences, festivals, shows, general and academic resources, galeries, E-journals, individual artists etc. The finest arts forum on the net and a must visit for those interested in the arts. Opening graphic: 20kb.


A virtual kaleidoscope of alternative arts. For those living in, or visiting, New York City, The installations, film screenings and performance schedules are without peer. For the rest of us, the visual and textual content is still a great experience.

Fractal Explorer

It's interactive fractals on the World Wide Web! At the Fractal Explorer World Wide Web page you can view several Mandelbrot and Julia sets, but that's not all. Clicking on any of the images zooms in on them. You can repeat this ad infinitum. Opening graphics: 11kb.

Future Fantasy Bookstore

One of the first bookstores onto the World Wide Web, Future Fantasy has a large selection of not only Science Fiction and Fantasy books but also audio tapes, games, statues, and other knick-knacks. This is a great place to go for gifts for that special someone. Opening graphic: 60kb.

Heard Museum

The Heard Museum of American Indian Cultures and Art in Phoenix, Arizona is one of the foremost museums of Native American art in the world. At The Heard Museum World Wide Web page you can learn more about the museum and its collections. Opening graphics: 2kb.

H.R. Giger pictures.

The H.R. Giger Page is a World Wide Web page dedicated to the works of this Swiss-born artist. Best known for his insectoid creations that appeared in 20th Century Fox's movie "Aliens," this page features some of the artist's famed pictures of "bio-mechanicals" with links to other related World Wide Web page. A must-see if you are an "Aliens" or Giger fan, but be warned that the connection can be slow during prime-time Internet hours. [link down?- Now on Probation]

Internet Arts Museum for Free

"I AM FREE" is the motto and outstretched hand that greet you at the door to this truly expansive page. The Artists for Revolution through Technology on the Internet present a statement that art should be free and enjoyed by all. The gallery is enormous, and spans virtually every medium of art, from provocative contemporary arts to literary pieces, photo exhibits to lectro art and motion. Extremely high quality graphics and a gallery that will keep you intrigued for hours, days or longer. Opening graphic: 112kb.

Joseph Wu's Origami Page

Joseph Wu's Origami Page is a unique and interesting resource on the little known art of origami, or paper folding. You can find lots of fascinating pictures here of completed works, literary sources for further study, and information on organizations, mailing lists, and technique for the art. Check out the photo gallery, you won't be disappointed. Opening graphics: 20kb.


Here is a cyber-gallery for sculptors, writers, filmmakers and other artists. The artists pay a fee to put their work on Kaleidospace, with the prospect of selling to literally millions of web-surfers. A nice, professionally done page, with sharp graphics and an excellent layout. Art buffs can preview the art in full color photos, and can even order on the web by contacting the artists. Some famous names us this page, including Pop artist Thomas Dolby. Opening graphics: 23kb.

Los Angeles County Museum of Art

The Los Angeles County Museum of Art is world-reknowned for its collection. Likewise, its World Wide Web server, LACMAweb, contains over a dozen collections of art, ranging from prehistory up to modern 20th-Century art. Also available on LACMAweb is an exhibition schedule, information about art classes, lectures, and related material. Opening graphics: 68kb.


At the MCA/Universal Cyberwalk you can preview the latest in television and film offerings from this entertainment powerhouse. You'll find images, sounds, and videoclips from the latest in Universal Studio's offerings here. Worth a look for movie fans. Opening graphics: 60kb.

Megadeth Arizona

The Megadeth Arizona World Wide Web page puts you in touch with one of rock's most-popular groups. From here you can learn more about the band, find out tour dates, enter contests, and make use of other Megadeth related resources. Note that this site has some very large images on it and can be busy during normal hours. Opening graphics: 100+kb.


The Metaverse is the World Wide Web server of Adam Curry, former MTV video jockey turned cyberspace jockey. At the Metaverse you can get a daily dose of Rock industry gossip, purchase a piece of downed spacestation Skylab, or hear the latest on MTV's lawsuit against Adam Curry for using the name MTV.COM. This site has extensive links to other entertainment-related World Wide Web pages and clients of Adam Curry's company, On-Ramp. Opening graphics: 70kb.

MGA Presents Access Art

Access Art features fantasy, pin-up, and landscape art from popular artists such as Moebius and Olivia. Here you can preview art by thumbnails and order prints on-line. Opening graphic: 10kb.

Mirror Images

At Mirror Images, you can peruse and optionally order pictures by lesbian artists. While new to the World Wide Web the Mirror Images gallery is still worth a look. Opening graphics: 20kb.

MSU Vincent Voice Library

Michigan State University's Vincent Voice Library contains over 50,000 recordings of famous and not-so-famous speeches, conversations and dialogue spanning over 100 years. At this treasure trove of talk you can hear pieces of the past on your computer today. Opening graphics: 2kb.

Operative Term Is Stimulate (OTIS)

A large collection of visual arts from artists all over the world. OTIS boasts thousands of images in many different subject categories in many different medias. From portraiture to photographs to unique arts like body painting and jewelry, there is something for everyone. The works are also well-divided into many subcategories so that you can easily find what it is you're looking for. Opening graphic: 12kb.


Organitecture is a part of the personal World Wide Web pages of Arius Watz, a student at the University of Oslo, Norway. A graphic artist in training, Marius has several images available where his two favorite subjects, organic shapes and architecture, mix. If you enjoy the works of Salvador Dali or M.C. Escher than Marius' World Wide Page is worth a look at. Opening Graphics: 20+ Kb.

PHOTON: World Wide Web Photo Magazine

An E-Zine for photographic enthusiasts, this server, as you might expect, has high-quality graphics and pictures, and a professional layout. It is a monthly periodical exclusively made for the WWW. With full articles and advertisers, this is a great full-fledged magazine. Opening graphics: 70kb.

Postcard Store

At the Postcard Store you can send an Electric Postcard to your friends, co-workers, family or anyone else. You select a picture, type in a short message, and send it. The recipient then gets a message to pick up their postcard at the Postcard store. Great fun. Opening graphic: 0kb.

Rhombus Interactive Gallery

A breathtaking web page, that you will have to see to believe. It is based on a three-dimensional virtual reality in an art gallery of the future. The user literally has to walk around by clicking with the mouse in 3D space! When you come to an art work on the wall, or some other interesting object, you simply click on it and it appears. Stunning graphics and original art work, some of which is for sale, make this one of the hottest, visually impacting pages out there. Graphically intense. Opening graphic: 10kb.


This page sports the complete works of William Shakespeare, and has a lot of classic works to offer literature buffs. All the plays and poetry of this great artist are available on-line, and complete and unedited. The works are all in text format, and are VERY fast to access, making this a great way to read the texts. Opening graphic: 8kb.

Sherilyn Fenn's Secret Space

A stunning and colorful page dedicated to the work and life of Sherilyn Fenn. You will find a filmography about the actress, dozens and dozens of pictures, biographies, sound bytes, and other fandom information. Splendid graphics and very tastefully done. An excellent source for fans of this beautiful and multi-talented actress. [Link down?/Slooooow?]

Spectre Collie!

Spectre Collie! is the creation of Chuck Jordan, a former University of Georgia student. Mr. Jordan has since graduated and continues to provide Spectre Collie!, albeit to a wider audience. Fine cartoon graphics and humor, very hip. Opening graphics: 5kb.

Underground Page

Truly the anarchist artists home page. This site features art and expressionism from the underground subculture of the world, and is a very outspoken site. "Entertainment that doesn't exist in the mainstream" is the theme, featuring concert info, artwork, stories, video, and more. Incredible graphics and a truly first-rate layout, this page is one of the most visually stunning on the web. Poignant and raw, most of the material is for the adult cruiser. 60kb.

Vampyres Only

The Vampyres Only World Wide Web page provides you with a wealth of information on vampires, including artwork, excerpts from books and film, and links to vampire-related resources on the Internet. If you're interested in vampires, be sure to visit, and bring fresh blood. Opening graphics: 28kb.

Vern's SIRDS Gallery

This is Vern's Single Image Random Dot Stereogram archive. If you have never seen a stereogram you are in for a surprise. The images here are three-dimensional, and by just relaxing your eyes you can see dinosaurs, spaceships, landscapes, people and more. There is also information on how stereograms are made, and how they work. Lots of images. Opening graphics: 12kb.

Poésie & Littérature:

British Poetry Archive
Fiction Archive From CMU
The Complete Writings and Pictures of Dante Gabriel Rossetti
The Piers Plowman Electronic Archive
Shakespeare Homepage From MIT
Drama Page From CMU

Carnegie Mellon English Server

Dante Gabriel Rossetti



Postmodern Culture


Civil War History

Commercial News Services

Electronic Texts

Future Fantasy

The Guardian

Index of Online Books

Internet Book Information Center

Internet Book Shop

John Labovitz's E-Zine List

Moon Travel Handbooks

New World Books

Postmodern Culture

Project Gutenberg

Seaside Book & Stamp

Speculative (Science) Fiction Clearinghouse

Stanford Humanities Review

White Dolphin Books


The Doom Home Page
The Sundragon Home Page

The Gates of Doom

Welcome to Drool

Games Domain

The Gameroom


To Help Minds Grow

The Movie Quiz

The MUD Archive


Sundragon Games

WWW Virtual Games Library

Zarf's List of Games


San Jose Mercury News

San Francisco Chronicle

San Francisco Examiner

Palo Alto Weekly

North Tahoe/Truckee Week Electronic Edition

Casper (Wyo.) Star-Tribune

University Newspapers Index from Stanford University

The Boston Review

Campus Newspapers on the Internet

Chinese Business Journal

Daily News (Nova Scotia)

The Detroit Free Press

E-Span's Interactive Employment Network

The Gate

The Irish Times

Kommunal Rapport (Norway)

L'Unione Sarda

Newspapers & Journalism Links on the Web

Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce

San Francisco Examiner

Search Today's Usenet News

The Slant

Star Tribune (Casper, WY)

TelePost Online (Norway)

University Newspapers

The Virginian Pilot

The Weekly Mail & Guardian (S. Africa)



Welcome to Techweb


Sunset Magazine

The Internet Magazine Index

Axcess Magazine

Computer Wave

Eden Matrix Bazaar

Electronic Newsstand

Entertainment Weekly


Interactive Age

The Magazine For Adult Children of Aging Parents

Media 3

The Monster Board

Mother Jones




Southern Living

3W Magazine, Global Networking Magazine

Technology Review

Time Magazine


VIBEonline V2

Will of Nature


Arctic Adventours


The Avid Explorer

Canadian Airlines

Costa Travel

Cybertour of the US

Global Network Navigator Travel List

Gramma's Rose Garden Inn (SF)


The Nepal Home Page

Tamara Jebin Tours

Tokyo Home Page

Tour Spain

Travels with Samantha

UK Guide

Virtual Traveler

Welcome to the White House

Window to Russia Home Page

The Journey North
Guide to Australia
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Paul's (Extra) Refrigerator


Geeks have hooked everything from soda machines to coffee pots into the Net, but this refrigerator is a first. Paul Haas--who has his hot tub specs on another page--wants to tell us what's in his fridge and how cold it is inside. I'm waiting for the Mystery Tupperware Monitor before I go back.

Democracy in Action: The Electronic Barbershop


This page is a good example of how digital democracy would work if Newt has his way and we all vote, all the time, on all the issues, on the Net. In the Electronic Barbershop we pick Ken's coif: Klassic, New Fresh-Look, or Kompromise. As if I didn't have enough to do, now I'm responsible for some guy's hair. Sheesh.



No more goat sacrifices in my house now that Netscape reads my future. The tarot cards fall where they may--right side up, upside down--but what do they mean? As far as I can figure from the cards I got, I want to be Emperor of the World, but disaster will follow when I assume the throne. Sounds about right.

Lunch Server


I thought I'd seen it all. But thanks to Sho Kuwamoto, a grad student at Purdue, I now have Lunch Server. Each day (to tell you the truth, I don't check it every day) Sho lists what he's having for lunch. Click on the paper sack and he tells all. Now if we just had his mom's phone number, we could rat him out when he's not eating right.

The Bible In Pig Latin


The Bible's been translated into Urdu but not Pig Latin? What's the deal? Connect to this FTP site, which you can reach with any Web browser, and you can download text files of the Ible-bay. Only three books--Enesis-gay, Ob-jay, and Ohn-Jay--are available, though.

The Unofficial Brady Bunch Home Page


The movie may have been a big hit (what does that say about us as a culture?) but those of us who actually lived through the '70s know that the Brady Bunch was simply existentialist TV hell. Even Ward Cleaver had more personality than Mike Brady. This unofficial home page is jammed with Bradymania, from an episode guide to the theme song, with filmographies of the original and film casts in between.

Magic 8-Ball


Forget the Ouija Board; go for the real soothsayer, the Magic 8-Ball. Remember? It was that plastic ball filled with blue liquid that, when upended, gave you vague answers to your questions about the future. Now that we're all high-tech, we can use the Internet's version instead. The answer to your question, by the way, is "Perhaps, but not now."

Jeff Spicoli


Who needs pages dedicated to the famous when the Jeff Spicoli site's up? Spicoli (Sean Penn) was the protoslacker star of 1982's Fast Times at Ridgemont High, and the bane of Mr. Hand (TV's My Favorite Martian co-star Ray Walston). Here you can download Spicoli-isms in both audio and video form, and save them for posterity (or play them on your machine). What better way to honor Jeff Spicoli than to waste time doing this?

Bon Mots From the Supermodels


Sports Illustrated's next swimsuit issue is a long way off, but you can revel in the sheer audacity of supermodels by checking out this page of quotations from the beautiful but brain-dead. "Everywhere I went, my cleavage followed. But I learned I am not my cleavage," from Carole Mallory, is my fave. Hope it makes Bartlett's.

The World Wide Web Dating Game


It had to happen. Fill out the form, send in a picture (digital, naturally), and you too can ask or answer embarrassing questions and engage in double entendres. We all get to vote on the answers we like best, and then read about the date, voyeur style, from the comfort of our married-with-children homes. Requires a forms-based browser.



Those clever folks in marketing--they probably spent all day making up a cool seven-letter word to match the company's phone number. You know, dial (800) FLOWERS or (800) NOPANTS. Clever, but not as clever as you. Just surf to PhoNETic, type in a number or word, and it spills back a list of possible matches so you can give yourself one of those cute phone numbers. Requires a forms-based browser.

POPClock Projection


There are just too many darn people, aren't there? Jammed highways; that long line at McDonald's; OK, even the wait for a simple cup of coffee because some pinhead orders a double latte instead of the real thing. For a depressing moment, hit this page, which estimates the up-to-the-minute population of the United States. For a really big downer, go back to it a couple of hours later and compare the numbers.

The Bermuda Triangle


When you set sail for a three-hour cruise and never return, people are going to start asking questions. Debunking the bunk of the Bermuda Triangle, the world's oddest patch of ocean, this page explores the mysteries and myths and then offers a skeptic's take on the Mary Celeste and other hoary legends.

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