HyperText Markup Language (HTML)

HTML is a markup language for hypertext which is understood by all WWW clients. Here we discuss the HTML language, i.e. its syntax and semantics, including information on the history of the language, status of the standard, and development issues.

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www-html A discussion list, with a hypertext archive (now searchable! Thanks EIT guys!)
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HTML 2.0: In Final Review

The specification is still being refined, mainly a question of defining its expression in terms of SGML, and accurately describing current accepted practice.

"Character Set" Considered Harmful
HTML WG Materials Roy Fielding maintains this excellent collection, including the latest HTML 2.0 draft available via
FTP in various formats.
html-wg The HTML Working Group mailing lists and its hypertext archive.

HTML 3 and up: In Development

Features such as tables, figures, mathematical equations, and stylesheets are in development:

HTML 1.0: Historical

This is the level mandatory for all WWW clients. Level-1 is basically the HTML of the initial WWW clients, plus images. The level 1 spec is relatively old, so a better specification is to take the level 1 features from level 2, above. About level-1 there is:

Hypertext Markup Language (HTML)          Tim Berners-Lee, CERN
Internet Draft                          Daniel Connolly, Atrium
IIIR Working Group                                    June 1993

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