Quarterdeck's Web Server for Windows

The core element for companies and individuals seeking to establish a presence or "publish" on the Internet's WWW is the establishment of one or more servers, the computers linked to the Internet that store HTML documents and respond to multiple requests for files for viewing or downloading.

Unfortunately, most Web servers currently run under UNIX operating systems, requiring Web publishing sites to invest in expensive computer systems and dedicated UNIX support professionals. While these costs are acceptable for large corporations, they are often prohibitive for smaller companies and departments of larger organizations that primarily use Windowsbased PC servers for other types of networked activities.

Quarterdeck's Web Server for Windows offers an alternative server software that runs on common Windows PC platforms and eliminates the cost and constraints of setting up and maintaining a UNIXbased system. Its design facilitates Web publishing by departments within large organizations, small businesses and other private and public groups that wish to connect to the Internet or individuals using it as a personal Web server.

The product features an easytouse install and setup program, with Microsoft Windows interfaces, that enables any user of Windows Version 3.X to quickly set up and use a Web server. The architecture of the 16bit application is designed to support migration to future versions planned for Windows 95 and Windows NT.

Quarterdeck's Web Server has multitasking support that enables it to receive, process, and dispatch multiple, simultaneous document requests. In instances when a dedicated computer is not available, or is used as a personal Web server, the server software can run in the background. This allows users to gain access to other Windows programs while the Web server is running and processing requests for Web documents. The status of the server is indicated via a minimized desktop icon.

One of the most popular uses of the Web is to display forms that users can fill out to request information, order products, query databases, etc. Quarterdeck's Web Server supports CGI scripts for processing any forms related to data that is received at the site. The Web Server supports the TCP/IP transport protocol and SLIP/PPP for dialup connections.

When used in conjunction with Quarterdeck's WebAuthor HTML authoring tools, Quarterdeck's Web Server provides a complete set of tools for establishing and maintaining an active, responsive presence on the most exciting and fastest growing portion of the Internet.

For users who want to access Internet communication facilities beyond the WWW, Quarterdeck will also offer an Internet client software suite that will include Quarterdeck's Mosaic and Quarterdeck Mail/News for sending and receiving electronic mail and Usenet newsgroups. Quarterdeck Mail/News supports both online and offline composing and reading of electronic mail. The suite will also include an FTP application for copying files to, and from, remote computers; a Telnet application, for running terminal sessions on remote computers; and Windowsbased SLIP/PPP support for easy network setup and simplified dialup access to the Internet.