Quarterdeck's Mosaic

Quarterdeck's Mosaic Internet browser provides the easiesttouse, fastest, most functionrich tool yet for exploring and using the Web. Quarterdeck's Mosaic assists users in searching the Internet, exploring the WWW and obtaining information on virtually any subject. In addition, it allows users to track all the locations they visit and information they discover on the Web, view multiple Web documents simultaneously, and easily store and quickly retrieve current documents.

Quarterdeck's Mosaic provides these features via an easytouse graphical interface that uses visual icons and a button bar for fast access to specific browser tools. The enhancements in Quarterdeck's Mosaic also help improve Web response time, regardless of modem speed, and provide users with the ability to speed retrieval, viewing and selection of GIF files.

In addition to its support for the Web, Quarterdeck's Mosaic provides integrated Gopher and FTP file transfer capabilities and support for viewing multimedia data. Users benefit from the product's automated setup program, which eliminates the need to manually install and configure the software.

Quarterdeck's Mosaic features a highperformance, multithreading data engine that retrieves and displays multiple documents simultaneously, so users can view multiple HTML documents in separate windows, or view one document while another is being downloaded.

With Quarterdeck's Mosaic, users can compile multiple "hotlist" files to store their favorite URLs (addresses for Web sites) in folders that can be customized to their personal preferences, such as software or sports. Users can place URLs into these folders for future visits, with an easytouse, "drag and drop" interface.

Quarterdeck's Mosaic also allows users to maintain multiple history lists, including a local history for storing all URLs visited during their most recent session, and a global history, for storing every URL they've ever visited in Quarterdeck's Mosaic.

Quarterdeck's Mosaic also features improved document caching for storing the user's most current documents and quickly retrieving them, as well as proxy support.