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PRESS RELEASE: Lighthouse Design Ships OmniWeb 1.0

17 Mar 1995 18:17:23 -0500
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Lighthouse Design Ships OmniWeb 1.0 for NEXTSTEP
--Provides Single User Licenses Free of Charge--

March 17, 1995 - SAN MATEO, CA - Lighthouse Design, Ltd. today
announced that it has added OmniWeb 1.0, a powerful new World Wide
Web (WWW) browser for the object-oriented NEXTSTEP, environment,
to its product line, now totaling more than a dozen applications.

OmniWeb 1.0 is the first commercial release of the product, which
has until today been tested across the globe by more than a thousand
World Wide Web users. The first of many web-based products to be
introduced by Lighthouse Design, OmniWeb brings powerful browsing
and navigation capabilities to NEXTSTEP users of internal networks
and the Internet. OmniWeb's support for industry standard HTML
(HyperText Markup Language) and many of the emerging extensions
(such as those driven by Mosaic Communications' NetScape products)
allows NEXTSTEP users to participate as first class citizens in
the emerging global information marketplace.

"The web is opening a vast array of new business opportunities for
our customers," said Jonathan Schwartz, president of Lighthouse
Design, Ltd. "OmniWeb delivers instant access to the world's growing
information infrastructure, and provides those customers delivering
next generation applications with a superior front-end to the
Internet and World Wide Web community."

OmniWeb includes an array of powerful and convenient features
designed to make the World Wide Web accessible to new and power
users alike. Its features include:

- Fully integrated forms support

- Instantaneous text rendering displays pages as they are downloaded
without requiring users to wait for the entire document to load

- Support for multiple concurrent browsers, allowing more than one
session to be run simultaneously

- Fully integrated gopher and FTP access, simplifying the process
of retrieving archival data and software to point and click

- Three different schemes for displaying browsing history

- Hierarchically organized bookmark windows for organizing large
URL libraries (a starter library with more than 200 web sites is
bundled with the application)

- Bookmark windows can contain links to other bookmark pages,
enabling companies to set up standard sets of documentation for
all users, and allowing users to share each other's favorite pages

- An animated progress bar that monitors downloads

- Full support for proxy servers and firewalls

- Ability to copy and paste rich text (with all formatting and
graphics) from a browser into mail messages, or any other application
that accepts RTF or RTFD

- Package includes OmniImage, which supports viewing of all standard
World Wide Web image file formats (as well as several dozen others),
and allows you to save any included graphic in a NEXTSTEP readable
TIFF format

- Exports configurable NEXTSTEP services to all applications,
allowing them to look up words on any indexed web page; samples
are included for searching in NeXTanswers and AT&T's 1-800 directory

OmniWeb 1.0 is free to individual users, and is available now for
Intel-, Motorola- and HP PA-RISC-based versions of NEXTSTEP 3.2 or
later. For organizations purchasing multiple licenses, the product
will list for $119, with volume discounts available.Beginning March
20th, the software can be ftp'd from the following location:

OmniWeb is a key addition to Lighthouse Design's line of products,
which now includes Quantrix, a multi-dimensional spreadsheet;
Diagram!, a drawing program for information graphics; Concurrence,
a presentation and outlining package; ParaSheet, a traditional rows
and columns spreadsheet; WriteUp, a general-purpose word processor;
VarioData, a multi-user workgroup database; TaskMaster, a project
and resource management application; WetPaint, a painting and image
manipulation program; and the Foundation Classes, a library of
reusable objects for custom developers. Lighthouse is also an
authorized reseller of Frame Technology Corporation's FrameMaker,
3.2 on NEXTSTEP for Intel, the industry's premier document publishing

Lighthouse Design is dedicated to delivering unsurpassed productivity
to enterprise developers and end-users of NEXTSTEP, and OpenStep.
The company is located at 2929 Campus Drive, San Mateo, CA 94403.

For further information on Lighthouse Design and its products,
contact Lighthouse Design, Ltd. directly at 1-800-366-2279 or
1-415-570-7736, or send electronic mail to, or
see Lighthouse Design's World Wide Web page at


Lighthouse Design, Ltd., Quantrix, Diagram!, Concurrence, ParaSheet,
VarioData, TaskMaster, WetPaint, the Foundation Classes and the
Lighthouse logo are trademarks of Lighthouse Design, Ltd. OmniWeb
is a trademark of Omni Development, Inc. FrameMaker is a registered
trademark of Frame Technology Corporation. All other trademarks
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