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8th March 1995

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Private Enterprise Cyber Cafés

Although not adverse to sponsorship, these are commercial ventures. Canada and the North West USA seem to be a hive of activity, at present.

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Cyberia, London, UK

Easynet offer dialup Windows and Macintosh Internet connectivity, World Wide Web pages etc.

There have been many enquiries about franchises of Cyberia, which "has had more media coverage than a small war. As many as 3 such franchises are set to open soon in the UK alone before the summer, the first in Kingston on Thames.

tel: 0171 209 0990

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ICON Byte Bar & Grill, San Francisco, USA

ICON Byte Bar & Grill, 299 9th Street (corner of 9th & Folsom ), South of Market, San Francisco.

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Internet Cafe, Scranton, PA, USA

"People in the Scranton, PA area can now get full Internet access starting at $10/month via the Internet Cafe.
The Internet Cafe is not a BBS, we're a direct Internet site. We offer unlimited Internet access and we'll teach how to use the various utilities that the Internet offers. You can dial in or use our public access terminals in Prufrock's Bookstore and Cafe.

For more information call 717-344-1969 or stop in and see us or the folks at Prufrock's at 342 Adams Ave. in Scranton...Tuesday and Saturday nights are music night."

Dave D. Cawley
Maitre d'
The Internet Cafe
Scranton, Pennsylvania

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Cafe Renaissance, San Diego, CA, USA

"Now that we are on the web, I suppose Cafe Renaissance is a 'global' coffeehouse in a sense. We hope you enjoy seeing the different stages of our coffeeshop and would like to know who is checking us out.

Just send email to:

Cafe Renaissance is located in San Diego, California, at 6110 Friars Road,suite #102.
We are about 1 mile west of the Fashion Valley Mall. The shop was the brainchild of Jean-Claude Aldibs, and with the help of his partner Michael Le Bien, opened September 10, 1994. The shop has a computer workstation with a PPP Internet connection, running Mosaic Netscape."

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The Internet Café, Prince George, British Columbia, Canada

"The Internet Café is located in Prince George, British Columbia in Canada.

It is Canada's first full-size Coffee Bar in which you can obtain full access to the Internet, by becoming a member of Synaptic Communications, the first Internet Connection service providor located in British Columbia's Central Interior.

Customers can sip Cappuccino while they "Surf the Net" in the computer lounge. The Café seats 100 people and also has an Arts and Crafts section where products from communities around the world are available through the Self-Help Crafts of the World organization.

The theme of the Internet Café is connections, between the people of Prince George and the rest of the world, through Internet Services and Third World Arts and Crafts.

Synaptic Communications is our Internet host, and the term "Synaptic" refers to the area between neurons where communication takes place. The Internet Café is a central physical location in which face to face communication takes place in a relaxed, informal atmosphere. The plan is to develop the space, which is over 6,000 square feet, into a place for a variety of cultural activities, including musical events, art shows, and public forums. It is available to community groups for meetings, and it offers free terminal access to the local Free-Net."

Address: 1363 4th Avenue, Prince George, B.C., Canada, V2L 3P4
Phone: (604) 563-4583, (604) 563-9525
FAX (604) 563-4280

email: Russ Winterbotham

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Eeek-A-Geek (Public Internet Cafe), Toronto, Canada

Eeek-A-Geek is now is now the only Cyber Cafe left in Toronto.

eek.a.geek is located at 460b Parliament Street, just south of Carlton on the west side.

The cafe is open from about 11am to 8pm EST .

The menu: has various cakes and coffees including :

Fluffy cappucino....$2 Cdn.
The best Hot Chocolate on the web....$2
Hot Soya Poodle....$3 chocolate or vanilla

"Eek and Geek are two simple 486DX/33's with 8Mb RAM running SLIP and PPP with a couple of 19.2 modems, soon to be 28.8's. We surph the Web with Netscape and babble on IRC with wsirc14b and a bunch of other Windoze SLIP applications, all of which are available from the Internex Archives. Graphics and stuff looks great 'cause of two excellent ATI mach64 graphics thingies connected to high-resolution Sony monitors.

Now that we have our own domain name ( we'll soon be adding a Linux type server thingy, then, with a little luck+skill+headaches we'll be able to create e-mail boxes for our non-wired neighbours. Keep 'ur eyes on this space as things get more difficult to install.

What does all this cost you ask? Well, we charge an approximate rate of $5 cdn per hour, or pwyc (but you have to help out the newbies while you're at the cafe)".

email: the mistress of eekdom

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CB1 Computer Cafe & Second Hand Bookshop, Cambridge, UK

CB1: computer cafe & second-hand bookshop
32 Mill Road,
CB1 2AD,
tel: 01223-576306.

email: Daniel Sturdy

Open from 11am to 11pm.

CB1 serves coffees, cappuccinos, hot chocolate, sandwiches & cakes, lots of books, 3 Next machines upstairs, and promise of 3 Macs downstairs.

CB1 aims to combine high-tech & low-tech information resources in a non-threatening, friendly environment.

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The Habit, Portland, Oregon, USA

The Habit offers a variety of baked goods and coffee drinks. When possible we try to get items that are of the best quality and are made locally by other small businesses.

Habit menus change from time to time and prices are subject to change from time to time as well. We realize that some customers would prefer to have more food items. We plan on adding a few items but we spend too much time helping people with computers to cook, and have no plans to become a full service restaurant."

There are "five PCs with internet access. Apparently you get so many minutes free if you buy coffee. If you just want to use the terminal, that's available for a buck or so.."

email: Austin Schutz

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PaperMoon Espresso Café, Ashland, Oregon, USA

The PaperMoon Espresso Cafe's home page. is currently under construction.

PaperMoon is located at 11 N. First St. in Ashland, Oregon .

The FREE Internet connection uses the interesting Open Door internet service provider, who eschew the complexities of Unix , SLIP/PPP etc and use Apple Macintosh and Appletalk technology.


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Internet Café, Seattle, Washington, USA

Internet Café

Seattle's first full Internet access coffee house

526 15th Ave East
tel: (206) 323-7202

"We're a working espresso bar located in the Capitol Hill section of Seattle. Besides the best damn latte in town we offer full-access Internet terminals where you can do the InfoSuperHighway thing via World Wide Web, gopher, e-mail, usenet, IRC, and telnet. Drop into our free "Intro to the Internet" classes held every Saturday and Sunday at 3pm."


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CyberPerk, Ottawa, Canada

"CyberPerk is located at 347 Dalhousie St. in Ottawa, Canada.

"We are finally open. We opened the doors on Feb. 24, 1995, so people can come on down. We have 4 pentium 60 machines with 17" monitor going over a dedicated 64 KB ISDN line.

Our Web server is This is a Windows NT machine, pentium 90 with 32 MB RAM. The server only has a Web server running currently, I hope to have our mail server up by the end of March.

On the cafe side, we have a wide variety of coffees, deserts and sandwiches."

Contact Neil Prakash and Stacey Baker.
email: Stacey Baker:

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Cybersmith, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

Cybersmith (N.B. The image map is currently broken and there is not much in the way of backup text links)

36 Church St
Harvard Square
tel: 617-492-5857
fax: 617-547-8115

Mon-Sat 9am-11pm, Sun 10am-10pm

In addition to WWW access, they have CD-ROMs, Sega, Nintendo Atari and 3DO games, Virtual Reality simulators and Face Morphing.

They charge 17.5 cents /minute except for the Virtual Reality games at $5 an "experience"

The coffee is meant to be decent as well.


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'Real Soon Now' Cyber Cafés

These are people with plans to open a Cyber Café , and who could be interested in hearing from additional potential sponsors or investors.Some of these plans are much nearer to fruition than others.

I am awaiting more details from my correspondants about their plans for Cyber Cafés in Athens, Vienna and Japan.

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The Electronic Cafe, London, UK

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Chatsubo: a tech-cafe, Baltimore, USA

Cyber Dine: Newport, Gwent, UK

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NetYes Cafe, The Hague, Netherlands

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Ciberteca, Madrid, Spain

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Kingston Cyberia, Kingston upon Thames, UK

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CyBergen, Bergen, Norway

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Le Café Orbital, Paris, France

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Arts/Government/Community Sponsored Cyber Cafés

Although the computer equipment etc may attract Arts or Government/Community sponsorship, there is usually a charge for the coffee.

This section also has details of organisations who have created temporary Cyber Cafés, usually for exhibitions or festivals.

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Electronic Cafe International, Santa Monica, USA

Electronic Cafe International, 18th Street Arts Complex, Santa Monica, USA

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ARTEC & interSPACE, London, UK

ARTEC & interSPACE (is this the UK's slowest World Wide Web server ?? )

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Ponton European Media Arts Lab, Hannover, Germany

With experience of running Interactive TV broadcasts e.g. Piazza Virtuale, Ponton have developed a cheap "cheesebox" which can sit between a video camera/cam-corder and a PC/Mac/Amiga computer and its modem to send "videophone" type images for about $150.

They are probably going to do something similar for the Atlanta Olympics

Contact : Andreas Uthoff
Ponton European Media Art Lab
Lister Str. 17
D-30163 Hannover
tel: +49 (0)511 62 70 -32
fax: +49 (0)511 62 17 99

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Hacktic, Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Creativity Cafe, San Francisco, USA

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FoeBuD, Bielefeld, Germany

FoeBud are a focal point for arts, education, technology and culture.

They help people connect via Feminist, Green, Human Rights, and other Bulletin Board Systems (including, since this is Germany, via ISDN) and also through the Internet.

They have monthly lectures and hold weekly meetings at the Cafe Spinnerei, Heeperstr 64, every Thursday at 20:00

FoeBuD e.V., Marktstr.18, D-33602 Bielefeld
Tel: 0521-175254
Fax: 0521-61172
Box: 0521-68000

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RAIN Cafe Internet, Santa Barbara, CA, USA

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CyberCafe, London, UK

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Bytes, Belfast, UK

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SF Net, San Francisco, USA

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San Francisco SF Net Cafes

The Coffee Zone....1409 Haight Street (Haight-Ashbury former "hippie" area)

Ground Zero.........783 Haight Street

The Horseshoe.......566 Haight Street

Muddy Waters........521 Valencia Street (Latino Mission District)

The Club Coffee.....920 Valencia Street

Muddy's............1304 Valencia Street

Brain Wash.........1122 Folsom Street (a Cafe & Launderette ! South of Market)

Jammin Java........1398 9th Street

Jammin Java.........701 Cole Street

Java Coast.........2331 Chestnut Street

Java Source.........343 Clement Street

Java Beach.........1396 La Playa

Globel Hostel........10 Hallam

Bay Area SF Net Cafes

Berlin Wall Coffee House...2517 Durant Avenue, Berkeley

Gaylord's Cafe.............4150 Piedmont Avenue, Oakland

Royal Grounds..............1146 4th Street, San Rafael

SF Net local area modem dialup numbers 8-N-1 ANSI

San Francisco...........(415) 824-8747

South San Francisco.....(415) 589-2194

Burlingame..............(415) 375-8478

Oakland.................(510) 450-0155

San Leandro.............(510) 638-8644

Richmond................(510) 215-7732

Sausalito...............(415) 332-3923

San Rafael..............(415) 454-4983

Castro Valley...........(510) 727-0786

Pleasanton..............(510) 462-4495

Danville................(510) 838-2158

contact: Wayne Gregori
SF Net
P.O. Box 460693
San Francisco
CA 94146
Voice (415) 695-9824

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Former Cyber Cafés

Enterprises change, people move on to other things. This section has former Cafés, whose URLs and email addresses may outlast their physical existance.

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Binary Cafe, Toronto, Canada

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The Help Wanted Cafe, Toronto, Canada

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Other Internet Links

of interest to to Cyber Café devotees.

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Cambridge Internet Coffee Machine

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Sydney University CS Espresso Machine

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Espressindigo: Silicon Graphics Indigo Espresso Machine

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Cyberpunk Frequently Asked Questions

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Coffee related Internet resources

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DigiCash - Electronic Crypto Money

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Video Conferencing via the Internet

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