Gambie, capitale Banjul. Un tout petit état anglophone coincé en plein milieu du Sénégal. Il lui fait office de petit Luxembourg, Monaco ... vous voyez ce que je veux dire. Des gens qui parlent en wolof, mandingue, peul, djola. Un petit goût de république bananière, des bomsas tout sympa, plein de rastas mais de la mauvaise djamba

Unspoilt, The Gambia is situated on the beautiful West African coast, midway between the Tropic of Cancer and the Equator, on approximately the same latitude as Barbados. One of the smallest countries in Africa, The Gambia is mostly flat and shaped like a crooked finger, a narrow strip of land on either side following the course of the majestic River Gambia from which it takes its name. The capital, Banjul, located on the peninsular on the south side of the river estuary, is the administrative and commercial centre of the country, but is of little interest to tourists. The majority of the tourist hotels are well spread out along the coastline of the peninsular which boasts 25 miles of uncrowded sandy beaches. Known as the smiling coast, The Gambia has so much to offer all year round from its unsophisticated charm, miles of deserted palm-fringed beaches, spatial tropical gardens and nature reserves to quality hotels, craft markets, interesting excursions and some of the most friendly people on earth. Tourism in The Gambia started around 1965 and has been developing slowly ever since. Despite this, The Gambia is still many years behind major European destinations, a factor which contributes heavily to the attraction of this charming country. The oldest English-speaking country in West Africa and a member of the Commonwealth, The Gambia gained independence from Britain in 1965 and in 1990 celebrated its 25th anniversary of peace and stability. All these factors have undoubtedly been relevant in its growth as a recognised holiday destination. The Gambia offers a truly exciting destination and warm hospitality to those looking for a real alternative to the resorts of Europe, but at comparable prices.






Edrisa Jobe - Peintre Gambien
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Edrisa Jobe
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