Microsoft® Word Viewer 97

The Microsoft Word Viewer 97 allows people who already use any version of Microsoft Word to now share their documents with users who do not have Word. This product also allows users who wish to post rich-formatted Word documents on the Internet to expand their online audience to people who might not have Word. Word Viewer allows users who do not have Microsoft Word for Windows® to view and print documents created in the Word native file format. Word Viewer 97 allows users to zoom, outline, or view page layout, headers/footers, footnotes, and annotations. Word Viewer 97 includes the following, market-leading Microsoft Word 97 features:

  • Online Layout View for easy reading of online documents, including those with background colors and textures.
  • Document Map for point-and-click navigation through longer documents
  • Hyperlink navigation to open any hyperlink in a document with your installed browser

Word Viewer 97 does not allow users to edit files. However, it allows them to copy information from a document to other applications.

Microsoft Word Viewer 97 will follow hyperlinks located in Word documents. Word Viewer 97 is built to automatically configure itself as a Helper Application for Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer. This allows users to automatically view Word documents that are linked to Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) pages on a LAN or the World Wide Web (WWW) in the user's default Web browser. Word Viewer by itself can follow document hyperlinks on a LAN. This new capability allows users to browse rich document systems on a LAN in much the same way a Web browser allows you to explore the Internet.

This product is "freeware." We encourage you to copy and distribute Word Viewer to your friends and co-workers or post it on public electronic bulletin boards. The Word Viewer is also available from the Microsoft Download Service at (425) 936-6735.

System Requirements for Using Word Viewer

  • A personal computer with a 486 or higher processor
  • Microsoft Windows® 95 operating system or Microsoft Windows NT® Workstation operating system 3.51 or later
  • 4 MB of memory for Windows 95 (8 MB recommended)
  • 12 MB of memory for Windows NT Workstation
  • 7 MB of hard disk space (9 MB free for installation only)
  • VGA or higher-resolution video adapter
  • Microsoft Mouse or compatible pointing device

To Install Word Viewer

Please refer to the readme document after installation for more information about Word Viewer 97. Installation of Word Viewer 97 is designed to take place from within Microsoft Windows. If Windows is not running, please start it before continuing. Make sure that all programs are closed, and make sure you are not running any utilities or virus protection before proceeding.

To install Word Viewer, please follow these instructions:

1. Your starting point for Word Viewer 97 installation depends upon whether you download the Viewer.exe file from the Microsoft Web site or an online service, or receive it on disks.

(a) If you download Viewer.exe and choose to run it, the file will unpack itself and start the Word Viewer 97 Setup program. You can also save the file to a local folder and run Viewer.exe later. However, this folder cannot be the location into which you plan to install Word Viewer.

(b) If you receive Word Viewer on disks, insert the disk labeled as disk 1 into your floppy drive. On the Start menu click "Run" (Program Manager, File menu on Windows NT 3.51). Type "a:setup".

2. Word Viewer 97 Setup will prompt you for a folder in which to install Word Viewer. The default folder location for Word Viewer is:

C:\PROGRAM FILES\WORDVIEW ("C:\WordView" on Windows NT 3.51)

3. Click "Install" to install Word Viewer 97.

4. If Word Viewer Setup detects Word version 6.x or later on your system, Setup will prompt you to determine which application should open Word documents by default. The default application is used to open files with .doc file extensions when they are double-clicked in Windows 95.

  • Choosing "Open with Word" means that Word for Windows will be used by default to open Word files.
  • Choosing "Open with Viewer" means that Word Viewer will be used by default to open Word files.

NOTE: If you select the "Open with Word" option and you want to restore Word as the default Word document handler, you will have to uninstall Word Viewer and then start Word so that it can restore its Registry information. For more information see "Installation and Maintenance" in the Word Viewer 97 Readme.doc.

Click here to download Word Viewer 97.