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3.1 Logging in

3.1.1 Terminal Type

Most systems are set up so the user is by default prompted for a terminal type, which should be set to match the terminal in use before proceeding. Most computers work if you choose "vt100". Users connecting using a Sun workstation may want to use "sun"; those using an X-Terminal may want to use "xterms" or "xterm".

The terminal type indicates to the Unix system how to interact with the session just opened.

Should you need to reset the terminal type, enter the command:

setenv TERM <term type> - if using the C-shell (see Chapter 4.)

(On some systems, e.g. MAGNUS, it's also necessary to type "unsetenv TERMCAP".)


TERM=<term type>; export TERM - if using the Bourne shell (see Chapter 4.)

where <term type> is the terminal type, such as vt100, that you would like set.

Introduction to Unix - 14 AUG 1996
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