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3.8 Display Commands

3.8.3 more, less, and pg - page through a file

more, less, and pg let you page through the contents of a file one screenful at a time. These may not all be available on your Unix system. They allow you to back up through the previous pages and search for words, etc.


more [options] [+/pattern] [filename]

less [options] [+/pattern] [filename]

pg [options] [+/pattern] [filename]


more less pg Action

-c -c -c clear display before displaying

-i ignore case

-w default default don't exit at end of input, but prompt and wait

-lines -lines # of lines/screenful

+/pattern +/pattern +/pattern search for the pattern

Internal Controls

more displays (one screen at a time) the file requested
<space bar> to view next screen
<return> or <CR> to view one more line
q to quit viewing the file
h help
b go back up one screenful
/word search for word in the remainder of the file
See the man page for additional options

less similar to more; see the man page for options

pg the SVR4 equivalent of more (page)

Introduction to Unix - 14 AUG 1996
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